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Biodiesel Homebrew  Guide

author Maria 'girl Mark' Alovert

Edition 10


The Biodiesel Homebrew Guide is a selfpublished biodiesel homebrewing handbook that I originally wrote as a textbook for the biodiesel classes that I teach . The 107-page Homebrew Guide contains comprehensive how-to instructions for making, washing, and testing homebrew biodiesel, and some plans for building biodiesel making equipment. It does not contain information on straight vegetable oil technology or methanol recovery.


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Table of Contents, Edition 10:

- No Such Thing as Converting a Car To Biodiesel: Two Vegetable Oil Fuels Options Demystified
- The Basics of Biodiesel
- Some Websites and Forums for Learning More
- Things to Expect when Using Biodiesel
- Homebrew Biodiesel Process Overview
- Getting Started: How To Make 1-Liter Test Batches
- Titration, Titration Titration: Finding Free Fatty Acids In Oil
- Dewatering Oil and Testing for Water
- Biodiesel Chemistry for Non-Chemists
- Quality Tests
- Testing for Soap in Unwashed Biodiesel and Glycerol
- Clarity and Cloudiness- quality control and visual appearance
- Washing Biodiesel and Why and How We Do It
- Bubblewashing 101
- Troubleshooting “Wash Problems”
- Upsizing Batches, Making And Using Road Fuel
- Glycerol Purification and Use
- Acidulating and Purifying Glycerol
- Basics Of A Biodiesel Reactor System
- Carboy Methoxide Mixer System
- Weldless Processor Based on 55-Gallon Drum
- Future articles and topics to be covered by this zine
- Complete Reactor and System Plans:
Standpipe Wash Tank Plans
Simple Processor Based on an Electric Water Heater
Biodiesel Appleseed Reactor- the $150, No-weld Biodiesel Reactor
- Using the Appleseed Reactor
Parts Diagram for the Biodiesel Appleseed Reactor
Shopping list for Appleseed parts


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