Biodiesel, biodiesel homebrewers, and

small-scale commercial producers


Biodiesel, an easy-to-make, cleanburning diesel alternative made from vegetable oil or fats, has great promise as a energy industry that could be locally-produced, locally-used, and locally-controlled. But decentralized energy is not how the energy markets currently operate, and to develop this kind of biodiesel business, we will probably need to take a page from the history of the organic farming movement or other self-regulated, activist-driven industries.


Today biodiesel in the US is produced commercially by agribusiness and by a few rendering companies, with Gulf Oil involved as a major distributor in the form of the World Energy distributorship. Many homebrewers also make biodiesel as a hobby, and through their internet discussion forums, are sharing ways to make the process and the technology they use more effective. Additionally, many of us are ‘fired up’ about the possibility of something in between ‘industry’ and ‘homebrewing’- about developing small biodiesel production plants that would enable small fleets, cities, cooperatives, and farmers to make their own fuel, independent of current petroleum and biodiesel agribusiness infrastructure, and to enable more availability of pure biodiesel (B100) independent of trends and some pricing issues within the biodiesel industry.


Commercial: Read more about trends in the biodiesel industry and about small-scale commercial production:

Local B100 And Why ‘Niche Markets’ Matter: A Biodiesel Industry Primer  

Homebrew: An Open-Source Biodiesel 'How-to' Tutorial:

Localb100.com spawned a new website about making homebrew biodiesel: www.biodieselcommunity.org 

also known as the Collaborative Biodiesel tutorial. We are a group of people across the world who are writing a 'peer-reviewed' site about making homebrew biodiesel, with the goal being to present accurate information and to encourage the development of  "biodiesel community" educational projects.  
The project forum is where all the group-writing work takes place- join us there to help write this website.



Free E-magazine Article Series On Homebrewing: 

I've written a few articles in the free e-magazine the Energy Self-Sufficiency Newsletter. You can download the ESSN and read the biodiesel articles starting in the March issue. The article in the April issue is about making a liter test batch of homebrew biodiesel (pages 19-24). This article also comes with a few extra supporting webpages here . There was a washing article in the May issue, and other authors have since then contributed articles about biodiesel also.

Homebrew: New Biodiesel Homebrewing Classes Tour, Winter 2006:

Tour 2006 Page

I'm teaching a series of classes in homebrew biodiesel subjects this winter:

Houston Tx Feb 11-12

Denver CO, March 18-19

Berlin Md April 15-16

Salt Lake City UT May 12-13



 Open-source Biodiesel Reactor Plans- Appleseed Processor webpages

Click here for photos from:

Grassroots Biodiesel Conference in North Carolina, Jan 28-29

Maria ‘Mark’ Alovert’s personal webpages:                


 Biodiesel Homebrew Book

Homebrew Diary- girl Mark's blog

 Biodiesel Classes and 2004 fall class tour

 The 2004 Class Tour Equipment Page





http://biodiesel.infopop.cc biodiesel discussion forum, with a few members working on smallscale commercial facilities worldwide)

www.biodieselcommunity.org- the Homebrew Tutorial,, localb100's sister site

www.localb100.com/forum  ...A group of us from the discussion lists are trying to write a newer, better homebrew biodiesel how-to website. This is turning into an archive of good posts from the discussion lists. Get involved...

www.groups.yahoo.com/group/biodieselbasics biodiesel homebrewing discussion list

www.groups.yahoo.com/group/norcal-biodiesel-events is an announcements list for biodiesel classes and events in California 

www.biodieselcommunity.org/onlineresources - a listing of other websites and resources for homebrewing and SVO information

Online Biodiesel Homebrewing Suppliers:

The Biodiesel Homebrew Guide book- www.localb100.com/book.html by Maria 'Mark' Alovert - a guide for learning to make homebrew biodiesel.

B100 Supply www.b100supply.com Biodiesel Homebrewing Supplies Books, Kits, Scales, Labware & more

Utah Biodiesel Supply www.utahbiodieselsupply.com Biodiesel Homebrewing Supplies Equipment, & Information

Biodiesel Warehouse www.biodieselwarehouse.com Biodiesel Processors, Kits, Supplies, Generators, Engines, and more

The industry and research:

The industry’s website is www.biodiesel.org

http://www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html US Patent Office: do a search for ‘biodiesel’ at this URL

www.me.iastate.edu/biodiesel - the Iowa State University biodiesel pages, includes several archived technical papers

http://koal2.cop.fi/leonardo/   -A European vocational education chemistry program- website focuses on biodiesel and vegetable oil chemistry including lab safety info and an extensive analytical section (some in German) that includes testing techniques not usually used by American homebrewers.

http://www.distributiondrive.com/links.html - exhaustive list of biodiesel and industry links


Biodiesel Activists, and local production:

www.forums.biodieselnow.com is a discussion forum for users of commercial biodiesel and other industry-watch pundits. It has good regional forums for some organizing.

www.groups.yahoo.com/group/local-b100-biz is a discussion listserve about small-scale commercial producers and biodiesel co-ops or biofuel groups

www.biodieselconsumers.org was a conference we held in southern California just before the last biodiesel industry convention, which dealt with many of the issues of biodiesel sustainability, biodiesel activism, and small scale commercial producers

www.biodieselcouncil.org -  Biodiesel Council of California is a California-wide group which works on issues of biodiesel sustainability and state regulatory/policy issues surrounding biodiesel